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Wedding Planning 101 - The Budget

You have decided to embark on a lifetime journey with your partner, congrats!

The next step is the wedding day, sooo.... how do you start?!

Here are a few things to do before you even consider booking or making calls.

Work on a budget!

Most couples skip this part and go straight to booking and making calls. The problem with this method is that you are going to settle for whatever comes by your way rather than working with the budget that you and your partner have in mind.

Get away from the notebooks, not Tech-savvy? That's okay!

The notebook method is fine, the only problem that I find is the capability of sharing your content with your partner in real time. We know that some people just aren't that tech-savvy, and that is okay, you do not need to learn a crazy program to just enter a few numbers and add 1 formula and a few columns that will add and subtract your numbers for you. I recommend that you use Google Drive, its free and so easy to use!

Why Google Drive? Well, programs like the "Sheets, Docs and Slides" can really benefit you while planning your biggest day.

  1. So first, make a gmail account (if you do not have one already)

  2. Then type in the address bar

  3. Select "New" and open a new "Sheet"

Here is a video breakdown of opening a new sheet

Once you create the sheet, start adding your missing vendors on it, here is an example

(In no particular order):

  1. Venue

  2. Catering

  3. Photography

  4. Videography

  5. Minister

  6. DJ

  7. Band

  8. Honeymoon etc. etc.

Just add every expense that you know you will spend for your wedding day.

Add new columns to the right and add the due date. Set a date for yourself or you will never accomplish it! Also, you can add any other details you would like right next to it, travel, honeymoon etc. Just keep adding more columns to what best fits your needs. Everyone is different on what they need for their wedding day, get creative with it!

Video Breakdown of adding 1 formula

This is a simple breakdown on how to get started with your first step in wedding planning. Creating a budget and envisioning with your partner for your wedding day is pivotal! Having a separate email can benefit you as well when you are browsing online and submitting quotes to vendors, that way they do not add you to their spam updates (trust me). If you have any questions, comments or concerns please share below and we will do our best to respond quickly.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Up next we will discuss how to "dream, sketch and envision" your wedding day

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