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Matching Instead of Listing: The new way to connect with couples

Working in the wedding industry can be both a blessing and a curse.

Freelancers know that working in the industry can pay very well, but the downside is how to have a consistent flow of work. As a photographer, videographer, and owner of my own company, I realized that freelancing is a tough gig. Every freelancer wants a consistent flow of clients running through their pipeline. Most of these clients are obtained by word of mouth or referral. Others are obtained by investing in top-dollar listing services which don’t always generate an adequate return on your investment. So, we’ve come up with a solution, The Wedding Grid

For the newly engaged couples, being able to find all the vendors for their wedding day in a short amount of time, within budget and near their location is a dream come true! This app will be a powerful tool for engaged couples to plan ahead and stay within their desired budgets.

Vendors, with our app, engaged couples will be knocking at your door to book/hire you for their wedding day. They will know your location, packages with rates, style and have seen your portfolio. The conversation is different now! Instead of asking you for your rates or attempt to negotiate your package deals, they will now be approaching you with: “We found you on the Wedding Grid App and are looking to hire you, how can we proceed?”

Here is the Process

We have developed an algorithm that will match profiles based on data that is entered. Let me explain further, vendors will create their profile with their packages, rates, location, style and portfolio photos, website info etc., Engaged couples will also create their profile with their desired budget and items/services they will need for their wedding day as well as location and style and other details.

We figured that we need couples to make this app work, so for couples, there is no charge for them to have a profile. For the vendors, we are asking a small fee to cover the costs of keeping the app current and updated and pay for our customer service representatives to recruit more couples and vendors. We know the prices for online and print advertising and listing services for vendors are outrageous, we are nowhere near those prices! No more wasted time searching, no more stress or hassle, no more wasting money.

It's "Wedding Planning Made Easy"

Kickstarter Campaign

In order for this app to be efficient, we need to make sure it has all the features that can best assist both wedding vendors and couples. Currently, we are well on our way through the development process and need help to finish it! We are in the final phase of the first stage: the “Alpha” stage and will soon be launching the “Beta” and last phase! Our goal is to be international and have multiple languages implemented, this will take another investment on our end. We plan for all the funds collected to go into the development of the app and cover all expenses needed to make sure our developers can create a tasteful, well-polished app for both wedding vendors and couples!

Discover more about our app here

If you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me at anytime

Founder of Wedding Grid

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