“Little Adapts” for Travel

One of my biggest fears used to be “How am I going to stay healthy while traveling?” Immediately when you think “vacation” you think of two things: 1. I have to start dieting and working out now to look good on vacation (in your case maybe it’s your bachelorette/bachelor party or it’s your actual honeymoon) 2. I can’t wait to relax and indulge when I get there aka eat whatever I please. What people don’t realize is that this is basically the same thing as dieting and then binging which is typically referred to as “yo-yo dieting”. The reason restrictive diets don’t work are because they aren’t sustainable long-term and you are extremely unhappy while doing them. “The Sweat Vow” program helps my clients develop a better relationship with food and to find the right healthy lifestyle and balance that works for them and also makes them happy. Not only will you feel and look your best on your wedding day, you will also be able to continue living this way for the rest of your life!

The first step to staying healthy when traveling or heading to vacation is being prepared. I never travel without a bag full of my favorite healthy snacks. The reason I do this is:

1. You never know what you’re getting when you get to the airport, train station, bus stop, etc.

2. Most modes of transportation don’t typically offer healthy options/you have to pay extra for them now so you’re better off bringing food that will satisfy you. This will also help you to make better decisions at your next meal when you’ve finally landed.

3. It’s always good to have healthy “bridge” snacks in your hotel/Airbnb to hold you over until your next meal. (A “bridge” snack is a snack that is nutritious and will hold you over until you get to your next meal.)

My favorite snacks include:

1. Dried Mangos – Click here for one of my favorite brands. They are organic and have no added sugar and sulfur. These are perfect for a quick snack or if you’re craving something sweet. Mangos contain vitamins A + C as well as tons of fiber. This makes it great for building up your immune system, promoting healthy vision, and aiding in digestion. *Note: While dried mangos are healthy, these should be eaten in moderation. Like most fruit, they are high in natural sugar and carbs so read the portion size!

2. Raw Cashews – Click here for raw cashews that I love. I’m a big proponent for all types of raw nuts as they are high in protein and healthy fats and keep you satisfied – the perfect “bridge” snack. I always bring a big bag of these when I travel to eat on-the-go or as a quick snack. If you prefer a trail mix, click here for my recipe (which only takes 20-25 minutes to make!)