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Lighthouse Proposal

It was a Thursday night and we (Brady and I) were with a group of friends talking about what we were doing over the weekend. One of them is a pilot and he mentioned that he was going to be flying over the San Juan islands. I got excited and jokingly asked if he was able to take passengers. He said, " Yes, absolutely!" I was kind of shocked and didn't want to feel like I was

inviting myself, but he was excited to take me and wanted Brady to come too!

When we got in the car, Brady was so excited. He could not believe I got us to go to flying with Logan (our pilot friend). I honestly was shocked too ! We both love photography, so I was most excited to take aerial shots from the plane.

The next day while I was at work Brady text me about how excited he was and said he wanted to dress up. I wasn't too thrown off because he likes dressing nice, but I was just going to dress casual that night. However, I didn't want him to dress nice alone, so he sent me a picture of what he was wearing and after work I rushed home to change.

After my mom helped me find an outfit, I had to hurry to Brady's house to meet him and Logan.

We took off from the Gig Harbor, WA airport and flew over all of the Puget Sound. The sky was completely clear and it was a gorgeous day to fly. Part way through our flight Logan mentioned that he needed to use the restroom and stop to refuel. We landed at Payne Field in Mukilteo, WA.

Logan parked the plane and ran to go check if he could refuel. When he came back he said that the gas was going to take an hour to get to the airport, so he encouraged us to go get food. I told him it was no worries and we could wait, but he insisted.

Brady and I ordered an uber and told Logan to text us what he wanted to eat. We went down to the Mukilteo waterfront right as the sun was starting to set. We arrived at an Ivars seafood restaurant. As we got out of the uber Brady said we should go watch the sunset. Although it sounded like a great idea, I was in a hurry to get back to Logan and didn't want to leave him waiting. After some convincing Brady got me to follow him down to this light house at the end of the waterfront. There was a wedding party getting pictures done, so I didn't want to intrude.

However, Brady was very persistent and wanted to go to the other side of the lighthouse. So we walked over and tried to avoid getting in the way of the party's pictures. As we started to round the lighthouse I noticed there was a blanket with a bunch of things on it. I told Brady we shouldn't go over there, it is probably part of their photo shoot. Again, he said let's go to the other side, so I followed him.

As we got closer to the blanket I started to recognize the pictures that were laid out. They were all of us! Brady turned to me and said, "Do you know what this is?" Right then I started crying and shaking. He got down on one knee and said a bunch of sweet things, I said yes, and just like that, we were ENGAGED!

As we were embracing the moment, Brady looked over and said. "Hey Jordan!" and out came our friend from church who had captured the entire moment! And then I turned around and out came two of my best girlfriends! They set up the blanket, candles, pictures, roses and champagne.

This was by far the best day ever! I can not wait to see what the future holds for us as Mr. and Mrs. Tews :)

Thank you so much for helping share our story,

Michaela Trulson ( Future Mrs. Tews)


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