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Top 6 Locations For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot


Nothing can beat the experience of exploring the world's most beautifully exotic place with your love ones as you go on an adventure and discover the hidden charms of a foreign land. Of course deep inside, you want to find a good opportunity in order to capture this moment and documenting it into a nice package that you could keep. Pre Wedding photoshoot is one of the time when it could make the experience even more special because it is going to shoot it for a lifetime memories with your love ones, and it could create a recap of your journey that you can always look back to.

As Pre Wedding photoshoot is the once in a lifetime moment, you want it to be at a special location that is close to heart. However, deciding on exactly where and how many location you want to travel is a difficult task, since every destination has their unique part to uncover. Choose your destination wisely as each of these destination tells different story


Perfect for couples seeking an adventure and a beautiful surprise at every turn, Iceland is the place to go to for breathtaking scenery, stunning glaciers and dramatic landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and the highly sought after Northern Lights.


Visiting Italy and having a pre-wedding photoshoot is a highly coveted experience. Discover Mother Nature’s masterpieces, priceless Renaissance paintings and structures in beautiful Italy with your love and make lifetime keepsakes. Whether you choose to follow in the footsteps of saints and emperiors in Rome, revel in the magnificence of the Vatican City or bask in the romance of Florence, you won’t be disappointed with Italy.


Japan is another favourite for pre-wedding photoshoots. Besides the dreamy Sakura blooms of Spring and the fiery hues of Autumn, the land of the rising sun is brimming with culture and character unique only to them. Experience authentic Japanese culture in traditional Kyoto or head to the slopes in Hokkaido for a snowy wonderland. Don’t forget to visit the buzzing and vibrant Tokyo for a shot at the famous Shinjuku crossing and experience the colourful metropolitan city.


Known as the “Island of love”, Santorini is located in Greece, off Aegean Sea. Couples flock to the romantic Greek island for its iconic blue domes, pristine-white walls, sparkling waters and clear blue skies.


A country of dizzying diversity, Morocco is one of the world’s most exciting places to explore. Go on an adventure on their epic mountain ranges, charming alleyways of ancient cities, sweeping desert and experience first-hand the warm hospitality the North African country is known for.


New Zealand’s mix of landscapes and cultures are bound to enlighten and bring you on an adventure as you explore its rolling hills, volcanoes and glaciers, unique Māori culture and delectable cuisine.

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