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The Sweets That Are Right To Go For Your Wedding


Is it tough to find and decide what kind of sweets to place that would suit the favor that guests could crave more than candy? Here are some thoughts or choice to consider;


A petite round shape treats, crispy crunch on the side, very sweet and soft like a pillow, that came with different pastel colors depends on its flavour, no one could ever miss out a chance to try it.


For the guest who love sweets and nuts at the same time, nougat is the best combination of both. It's not a messy dessert and it also gives out a fresh aftertaste. Its petite and easy to eat too!


Literally, what could have been poppin' so deliciously and attractively on your wedding day other than mini popcorn that could serve as a quick snack for your hungry guest? Popcorn is a very simple and a clean serve snack for your guests who have dress so nicely to your wedding ceremony. Popcorn could be sweet and it could be also savoury and it can be a good mix with your other desserts. What could go wrong with that?


What could go wrong with a perfect little fluffy treat to accompany your guest for a cup of tea/coffee during the ceremony and till the end of the night while dancing around the lights or fire (if you held it at the beach)?

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