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Details To The Royal Wedding


May 19th 2018 has marked as an important date in the history, where another royal wedding took place in London, at the Windsor Castle. The royal wedding of Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle's was on air for the whole world to watch.

Just like any other wedding, there are a lot of things/details that partook at the royal wedding that were taken into consideration. Lets start breaking the details down to unwrap the history.


Engaging herself with a huge transition after Prince Harry's proposal at November 2017, the now- Duchess of Sussex according to Omid Scobie who stated at the Bazaar article, she didn't get a chance to begin planning her own breathtaking bridal wedding gown that she wore on her wedding day until a month after her engagement. After doing some quick research through instagram, pinterest and fashion website, Markle knew exactly what she wants for her own wedding dress. With the help of her best friend, who is also a bridal expert, Jessica Mulroney, they both immediately work their way through the list of the potential designers ( Markle herself aim for a modern, elegant, timeless and appropriate style for her wedding gown.

After all the designers that have submitted the sketches only one remained her favorite, which is the design from Clare Waight Keller who had earlier in 2017 appointed as the first female artistic director at the house of Givenchy ( After the second meeting between Markle and Keller, on January 11, Markle finally decided to chose Keller as her wedding gown designer.


For the engagement ring, it was Harry who designed the piece. It is a custom diamond engagement ring, which was then made by the court jewelers Cleave and company using one diamond source from Botswana and two smaller stones from Princess Diana's collection (

During the couple interview with BBC, Harry said that the ring is obviously yellow gold because that is Meghan favorite and the main stone itself he sourced it from Botswana and the little diamonds on either side are from his mother's jewelry collection, to make sure that she's with them on this crazy journey together.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invitation are pretty traditional. According to Rebecca English at Daily Mail reporter, the invitation were produced by Barnard & Westwood. The invitation itself doesn't stray too far from that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011.

Looking into the details, we notice that Meghan Markle initial started with Ms. instead of Miss. , which is different from what was addressed to the Duchess of Cambridge, "Miss. Catherine Middleton". Tracing back to the past, "the royal couple did have to acknowledge with the fact that Markle has been divorced once before" which is the reason why behind it. (

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