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Bridal Trend - 2019

Are you getting married next year, however you are still very indecisive on what style to go for your wedding theme especially your wedding gown? Here are some inspiration and ideas to what is going on trend at 2019 for you to consider;

Every designers today has contributed to the trends differently depends on the type of brides they are targeting for. Vera Wang showcased a collection entirely in colors, "opting to give brides more options than bridal white", however as for Wes Gordon, his brides is slightly more youthful, playful, and romantic, and up coming designers like Danielle Frankel would go for the brides that are brave enough to bring the cool side to turn it into a classic style.

So, some of the dress trends for Spring and Summer 2019 according to research would be:


Flowers are use to be just embroidered on wedding dresses, filling up the space just to make it classy, however designers today seems to prefer the idea of flowers "taking center stage- from embroidered version to plush appliqués."


The use of feather for wedding gown has been used by designers today, however according to the bazaar article, "these posh plumes feels like a stronger statement than the frothy hints of marabou trimmings and boleros we've seen before." For Spring and Summer seasons, the use of feather could feels like more sculptural and gestural, taking the place of architectural elements and all over embroidery (


This is the look that you would like to go to if you are the type that would go for a simple, elegant, ladylike yet comfortable enough for the after party dancing and basking in the limelight. This look is more Sophisticated and sweet. (


This is consider as a groundbreaking style for it gives out a fresh and unexpected vibes of the brides. According to Bazaar article, in the past, trimmings and waistlines were adorned with this feminine touch, 2019 is calling for border add-ons and for these fastening to become focal points rather than finishings.


Do you love those sparkle feeling when you are walking down the aisle? and you are also looking up for the pop champagne and dance night away? This might the look that you would love

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