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Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets At Wedding?

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Today we can see that flower bouquet serve as an important role in wedding aesthetic theme and it is use as a prop for wedding pictures and decors. However are you curious why people start to use flower bouquet at the first place? Deep down we know that everything has its history and so as tradition. Lets take a step back to look at the reason behind it.

To Cover Up The Bride's Odor

Wait, What? Yeah, Its an ugly truth. According to the Huffington Post, back in the 15th century at England, people are living an odiferous lifestyle, for which they bath extremely infrequently. People would take their annual bath on May and they generally would get married in June. So due to lack of bathing, brides will carry bouquets to mask their the smell of their body odor (Camaraphotography).

To Ward Off Evil Presences

This is consider as another one of the most popular custom back in the days, which usually these bouquet can be made of pungent herbs, spices and garlic and might as well, chives. They use to believe that garlic could ward off the evil spirit and this method might as well could cover up the bride's body odor during the day. But using herbs and garlic as a bouquet? I certainly won't go for it.

To Send A Sweet Message

After the Victorian era, the bustle article stated that flowers could serve as an universal code to your partner as specific flowers could take on specific and significant meaning,

Camellia - Adoration

Happy Mariage - Peony

Charms - Ranunculus

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