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Can't Decide Your Wedding Palette?


Choosing the best aesthetic for your wedding theme couldn't be more complicated than it is, but everything is depends on your decision. However, people sometimes feels so lost in their own decision that even the simplest thing could turn out to be complicated. We wouldn't want that would we? So before everything gets tangled, there are few things to consider before the decisions are being made.

Which month will your wedding take place?

Knowing the month when you want your wedding to take place, serve as an important outline for your plan. Months lies in different section of the seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. And by knowing your month/dates, you know what theme you should go for.


Know your location. Research about it. It is going to be a low-light venue, a night club, a rainforest, a beach and more. These places will set off the colors that will fit your theme and also the natural element that works as a good foundation for your wedding style. It also help you to choose what kind of props for your decor that is efficient for your big event.


Know the root of your culture. Each of every one of us came from different background, culture, languages and story. Even in your big day, you want to tell your story. Through understanding your culture you know what to bring to the table.

Here are some of the tips, but more is coming on the next post! I hope this help a little bit.

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