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WHY White?


Why do we wear white on our wedding day? The most common theme that comes into people's mind when it comes to wedding is always associate with white. Do you ever wonder why white has been the theme since forever and not yellow, pink or blue? Lets turn our time backwards to 1840, when Queen Victoria debuted a simple white silk -spun gown at her wedding to Prince Albert that has grounded into the culture since then (CNN style).

Why wearing a simple white silk spun gown is such a turn over during the Queen Victoria era?


Royal Wedding were more about wealth and political contracts than love, so both sides of the families according to CNN, typically took the opportunity to express their affluence through their bride. Looking back through the history of the royal weddings, "Margaret of York's wedding dress from 1468 was reportedly so heavy with heirloom jewels that she had to be carried into the church; Princess Charlotte, in 1816, wore a silver lamé gown embroidered with shells and flowers, which was said to have cost £10,000 (the equivalent of about $1.3 million, adjusting for inflation)" as it quoted from the CNN royal wedding article. So by showing up in a simple white silk-spun gown, Queen Victoria seems to throw a frugal affair.

However, On the other hand, According to the news, through revealing a simple white gown, Queen Victoria wanted to "show good sense and prudence on her wedding to tell her people that she would run their country much in the same way".

Why White?

Knowing that her dress will be on the news all around the world, Queen Victoria "choose to wear a dress trimmed with handmade Honiton lace from the small village of Beer, to support the declining lace trade and give the industry a boon. White, she reasoned, was the best way to show off the lace makers' artistry".

Beside than showing that the Royal Wedding is part of the kingdom's duty, Queen Victoria eliminate the heirloom jewels, heavy fabrics and rich colors was that because she doesn't "want to make her vows to her husband as a monarch" but rather as the woman he loved (CNN - royal weddings)

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