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What Does It Feel Like To Be A Newly-Wed?

Photo By Ivan Mario - Axioo

Dating to Marriage is another platform to step on. I want to share that most couples today often view marriage as a label to say "you are mine" to their partner and pursue the desire to live under the same roof, ignoring the fact that marriage takes another level of love, trust, patience, acceptance and support to create a good foundation for each other. While writing this blog, I was inspired by one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Olivia Lazuardy, who shared her experience as a newly-wed -- her experience has opened my eyes and I wanted to share some of her journey being a wife.

The early stage of marriage is full of joy and excitement; you get to live under the same roof with your loved one and it feels like your dream has turned into a reality. However, surely it is a huge transition to live with someone who is different from you. There will be pleasant moments, but there will be times when you have to compromise your partner's imperfections.

What does it feel like when people start to use call you with your husband's last name? How about when you have to withhold yourself from binging a TV show because you are 'obligated' to wait for your husband? Olivia mentions in her story that marriage exposes the true ugly sides of you. However, through the journey together, newly-weds see the beauty of discipleship as they learn how to nurture their best qualities with each other.

Beside putting up with and understanding each other, one of the ways you could go the extra mile is to cook his favorite meal, not to mention, it's cheaper.

Other than that, say "I Love You".

Capture by - Axioo

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