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NC Lovebirds Snag Eleventh-Hour Dream Wedding

Married life started a bit early for a lucky couple from North Carolina. Wesley and Nicole Bodenheimer were set to get hitched this November but caught a lucky break thanks to a Facebook post they decided to respond to.

The post came from officials in association with a wedding venue in Stokesdale, NC called the Bella Collina Mansion. What was posted seems too good to be true:

“Have you ever wanted a Bella Collina wedding but financially the time wasn’t right? Our couple for Saturday just decided to call it quits!!!! They want YOU to take over the wedding! June 23rd 2018 Everything is paid for!!!! Flowers, Catering, DJ, Photography, Coordination, EVERYTHING!!!!!! Over $15,000.00 paid for in full!!!! They are auctioning off this Saturday’s wedding for $7,000.00!!!! Any takers???”

Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well as it turns out, it was. The now Mr. and Mrs. Bodenheimer couldn't be more thrilled with the chain of events that ensued. After being selected from the auction, the couple had to expedite all the big day preparations and be ready to exchange vows within just two days!

Amazingly this lucky duo didn't have any issues pulling off the perfect wedding. Everything came together beautifully and all only cost them $7,000!!!

How would you feel about making your dream wedding a reality in just 48 hours? If you saw a post like that on social media would you go for it too? I wanna know your thoughts!

Check out more of their story in the link below -

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