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German Couple Exchanges Vows Suspended 46 Feet in the Air

When you think destination weddings you probably don't think of that destination being you and your significant other dangling almost 50 feet above the ground. Just a couple weeks ago a very adventurous Berlin couple pulled off a very out of the ordinary exchange of vows.

The two daredevils decided to have their big moment take place atop a swing hanging from a motorcycle balancing on a tightrope. Talk about originality! The rope was connected between a town wall and tower and the ceremony was visible to over 3,000 people attending a summer festival. The minister marrying the two had to be lifted up in a fire service ladder!

What's the craziest wedding you've ever heard of? Have you ever considered doing something super unexpected for you and your special someone's big moment? I think maybe a tightrope stunt might be a little too nerve wracking for someone like me.

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