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Real #BrideStories

The reality of planning your own wedding.

"Weddings are crazy to plan; especially when you think you can take on everything without a professional and all of life's other unexpected twists and turns are also hitting you. Our first venue we set our hearts on ended up not being available on our desired wedding date (we found that out 2 months before the big day). Our photographer that did our engagement photos actually lost all but 5 of our photos after his computer got hit with a bad virus and he tried to hide that from us and avoid contacting me about it. Only until we threatened to pursue legal actions did he come through with our money and remaining photos of what were left. Even for a tiny less than 100 guest wedding, we still were shelling out money for so many tiny details. I had no idea how expensive things like flowers and simple decorations were. We had all of this craziness with the wedding going on, and we were also in the process of buying a house at the same time (which we almost didn't get but that's another story) All in all as much as I loved my super small wedding, I felt like no one, not even my worst enemy should have to go through that kind of hell of planning. A lot of tears, and stress, and wine got us through it in the end. My advice for anyone thinking of doing this without a wedding planner: don't do it! It's an extra expense, but well worth it. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting, not a hassle that makes you dread the entire process until the day after you say 'I do'" Thanks, Nicole for the submission. Nicole is a real person and submitted this post through Instagram. You can find her on Instagram: @nicoleyolley516

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