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A new mentality the "Matched" Service

One day you wake up and hear a knock at your door. There is a young couple that wants to hire you for their wedding. They already saw your portfolio, knows your packages and availability. All you have to do is agree and you are booked!

This seems impossible, right? How would these complete strangers know everything about your business without you even introducing yourself first, how did they know that you even provide this type of work?

As a vendor, we need a sense of existence to get hired, the simple question is, how do brides know I exist!

I remember having a conversation with a co-worker that was getting married in a few months. She expressed to me that she was missing a few vendors and one of them was a photographer! So I then mentioned that I do photography and have a business. She got excited and booked me for her wedding day.

The problem I would have never gotten booked by her if that conversation did not happen, also, she would not have booked her photographer there at that moment if it was not for that convo. Our needs and answers were right in front of us, with a little discovery and conversation, they got answered. This is where we come in with our service.

In a nutshell The bride that I spoke with could have downloaded our app and set her location and budget along with the dates of her wedding. Then the app would conduct a match according to the details she had entered. Either myself as the vendor or another vendor with a better or same package would be on her radar to be hired.

Stop using a listing service that will provide thousands of little squares representing your missing vendors. Just imagine scrolling through hundreds of great photos in a thumbnail size the like the image to the left.

This is a "list" we provide a "match".

Stop wasting time, stop the hassle and negotiation and start planning efficiently.

The app is structured to make wedding planning easy for the brides, and also provide work for the wedding vendors. We are soon to launch and want you to stay up to date on our progress.

Please sign up to receive the early bird release and receive the app once its out!

- Wedding Grid CEO Brian P Alvarez

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