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Not too long ago, I had to face the challenges of the wedding industry. As an aspiring-to-be husband, I experienced first-hand the stress in finding the perfect vendors for your wedding. My experience as an engaged couple consisted of long, stressful, and hassling searches for wedding vendors that could actually match our budget and needs. I found myself looking at websites with hundreds of thumbnails that were listed on the hundreds of pages that I needed to scroll through. Eventually, the process became too overwhelming enough for us to turn to family and friend referrals instead. On the other hand, however, I too saw how difficult it was to provide my services to engaged couples as a wedding vendor myself. I had done everything from investing in a high-end website page listings to pay-per-quote services that did not bring me back much in return. 


And so, birthed Wedding Grid, a place that helps and guides all wedding vendors and engaged couples through the wedding planning process. This app is our vision of helping wedding vendors produce business meanwhile, at the same time, helping engaged couples have the wedding of their dreams by helping make the wedding planning process much easier, simpler, and enjoyable. 


Not to mention that we are completely affordable, mobile, and able to help you succeed in every way! 


Thank you for your patience and support! Please feel free to reach me at for any further assistance. 




Brian P Alvarez

Founder of Wedding Grid 


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