Wedding Vendor Needs  and Features


The app will have a full on the dashboard for each vendor to be able to customize and add their portfolio. Another MAJOR add-on is the different languages, we want to make this international! Somewhere in the world, there is a wedding going on, for that reason this app can become a valuable tool for the vendor as well as the bride. 


Here are a few key features for the vendor: 

- Online Dashboard 

- Portfolio Customization 

- Get matched results accordingly to your packages, location, and other details.

- Notifications on couples that match your portfolio

-  Communicate with couples for free! 

Engaged Couples Features



This app will help the couple find all they need in one place and also give them results pertaining to their budget, style, location as well as other details. 


Here are a few key features: 

- App Dashboard 

- Customizable Profile

- Get matched notifications on vendors 

- Communicate with vendors for free


Our app is soon to launch and we would like to give a special offer the app service to all vendors. Currently, our service will cost $60 a month or a pay in full option of $600.00 yearly! During the development process ONLY  we are giving out a huge discounted value of our service. See below for the limited time offer: 


Vendor Listing for 1 year (365 days) 

One time payment of $150.00  or 8 monthly payments of $20.00  

(Limited slots for this offer, service starts once the app releases) 


Email: -  (Subject: Vendor 1 year Offer) 




Vendor Listing for 2 years (730 days) 

One time payment of $300.00  or 8 monthly payments of $40.00  

(Limited slots for this offer, service starts once the app releases) 


Email: -  (Subject: Vendor 2 year Offer) 




Once you have subscribed as a vendor you will be featured regularly on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You will also have your business posted on our website as "listed vendors" here people will be able to access your website, social links and more! 

Other Ways You Can Contribute

Social Media Feature 

Be part of our social media engagement! We are heavily involved on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

If you would like to have a feature of your work on all 3 of our social platforms, here are the plans below: 



Daily Posts

Instagram Story Post, Twitter and Facebook Post 

1 (one) post a day with your own caption and hashtags


Cost: $15/ week (billed every Friday) 





One Post 

Instagram Feed + Story , Twitter and Facebook

Cost: $10

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