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Engaged couples will get matched with wedding vendors​



As a wedding vendor, I understand the importance of browsing and seeing the competition. I did, however, notice how unhealthy that quickly got for me. I would constantly change my packages and rates according to high profiled photographers and videographers, I would place myself in their shoes and was convinced that I should charge a certain rate according to the "Industry", which in reality, the "Industry" was a build up of photographer influencers that had many years of experience on me.


This app will not allow you to view other profiles as a wedding vendor, you have to be comfortable with only creating your own profile, adding your social accounts, adding your packages and leaving it alone for engaged couples to find you. As we grow our network, you will soon enough start seeing higher "matched" results. This is a tool to make your business grow as well as providing a peace of mind in searching/booking new clients. ​


"Comparison Is the Thief of Joy"- Theodore Roosevelt


Wedding Grid will make the process of finding your wedding vendor or engaged couple easy! So easy that you don't have to do extra work! Just make your account and let the app do its magic! 


On both ends, (engaged couple & wedding vendor) matched results will show up on the app. These are profiles that are ready for you to get in contact with! They match your location, rates or budgets, and more! 

Give it a try! For the first 500 vendors, we are giving away the subscription for FREE for a whole year! Go download and register! 




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