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Don't stress, let us find what you need

Unleash the wedding revolution!

Join the ultimate tool that links wedding pros and engaged couples. Wedding Pros, ride the wave for just $1 a month! (limited time and subject to change). Couples, join for free!


Our unique algorithm makes wedding planning a breeze for couples while connecting pros to their dream clients. Experience the power of our community, catering to both engaged couples and wedding pros alike.

Wedding Pro's
try for
$5 today!

During our startup launch, we would like to invite our wedding professionals to try Wedding Grid, test out our service and enjoy the benefits of getting matched with clients for as low as $5 a month! All proceeds go back to the business to improve the algorithm, upgrade the dashboard, and make it the best for our community.


A software created by wedding pros

for wedding pros. 

What's included?

Access to the Wedding Grid dashboard

Able to create your profile to get matched

Visible on our servers to get matched with couples

You'll be redirected to our server to signup!

No worries, we will not bill you today. 


Create a FREE profile and see all your matched

results on your dashboard!

What's included?

Access to the Wedding Grid server

View all matched vendor results on your dashboard

Ability to create, and modify your wedding profile

View our matching MAP with nearby vendors

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How does it work?

For wedding professionals 

Create your profile, adding your location, packages, rates, and other details.

Couples can add wedding venue location, what vendors they are missing and what budget is set aside per vendor. 

The wedding grid dashboard showing the rates and packages from vendors

Matched Results

For wedding professionals when matched, your wedding business will appear on the couple's dashboard. Quality results, no more hassle or negotiations. Making the wedding process easy. 

The wedding grid dashboard showing the rates and packages from vendors

Business location: United States, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Canada. 

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