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 Hello, Wedding Businesses!


Welcome to Wedding Grid! 

For the past few years, this has been our project for vendors and engaged couples.

Our goal is to make the wedding-planning phase simpler for couples and bring more business to wedding businesses. Our development team has worked hard to provide a stable and sleek service that we are proud to launch to the public. On behalf of the Wedding Grid team, we would love to offer a 30-day free trial during our beta phase, after which you can enjoy our service for the low cost of $15/month, forever! 

In these 30 days, get matched with couples, obtain inquiries, and generate more business. To stay under the $15-forever plan, don't cancel! 

We hope that you are safe, healthy, and excited to give Wedding Grid a spin. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at your best convenience."

Brian P Alvarez

Founder of Wedding Grid LLC


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