Both wedding vendor and Bride will create their profiles


Adding important details is crucial here are a few:

The Bride

Budget, Location, Style etc.


The Wedding Vendor

Package/Rate, Location, Style etc. 


Wedding Grid will take both profiles and conduct a match


(Bride)                (Wedding Vendor)

Budget               Packages/Rates

Location             Location 

Style                   Style 

Wedding planning made easy

Both Bride and Wedding Vendor will be notified of each other and will be able to get in contact for hire


"Not listed"

What does it cost?



Wedding Vendors

Monthly or Annual Fee to have a profile on Wedding Grid​


If you provide any work, ANY work for the Wedding Industry, this App is for you. Stop paying Top-Dollar, waiting, searching or negotiating. Our generation is moving mobile, if you are not in it, you will become irrelevant fast! 

Wedding Planning Made Easy 

Wedding Grid The Mobile App

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